Entry #8

Space is Key 2?!

2012-03-02 05:27:40 by ChrisJeffGames

Hey guys! Just an update as I rarely do here. I released the Space is Key 2 teaser!

Have fun!


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2012-03-25 17:07:25

This game was incredibly awesome, but can I please get a link or something to the theme song? I was rocking out to it while playing and I would totally be willing to buy it.

ChrisJeffGames responds:

Waterflame will be releasing it very very soon ;)


2013-10-28 16:52:49

Awsome comercial, but it has too many spoilers!

ChrisJeffGames responds:

Yeah it's really hard to show off a game like Space is Key without giving a lot away :(


2014-11-22 04:36:23

Back in high school my friend and I raced to see who could beat both Space is Key games I won both.

Love your games I've never been quite as addicted to a frustrating One-button game before.

ChrisJeffGames responds:

That's awesome you used to have races - love the idea! Thanks man!