Space is Key 2?!

2012-03-02 05:27:40 by ChrisJeffGames

Hey guys! Just an update as I rarely do here. I released the Space is Key 2 teaser!

Have fun!

Platcore Trailer

2012-02-09 03:38:48 by ChrisJeffGames

Hey guys! If none of you have seen the intro to my latest game, you should really check it out!

I've teamed up with NCH for this one, and we're really excited about the whole project! It's pretty much fully developed now after small tweaking. So you should have it pretty soon!


Never Update

2010-12-28 19:52:00 by ChrisJeffGames

I should really update this a lot more! Never do though. If you guys are interested in following me a bit more through, skip over to my blog at for updates and stuff! Oh yeah, has a few screenshots of the new Scramball Worlds too :)

Super Flash Game Friday

2008-09-22 18:41:17 by ChrisJeffGames

Oh my god, Scramball won a place in Super Flash Game Friday, a Mochiads competition.
I was one of 10 winners, chosen by a panel of Jugdes who judged over 800+ entries!

I'm amazed.
It seems surreal haha


New colour collision

2008-09-07 19:11:54 by ChrisJeffGames

With the help of James Allen, i have upgraded the graphics on colour collision. It is currently in the middle of gameplay issue changing as it isn't very consistent, and i'm thinking of ways to 'spice' up the gameplay.

Also if your a developer and have a game on FGL, it is on there.

But here is an update!

New colour collision

Colour Collision

2008-07-25 12:49:48 by ChrisJeffGames

Well i've revamped colour collision as i put it on hold with the release of Scramball. I've gave it a cartoony look.

It should be made in a few days then after a week or so released, if i find a sonsor for it.

Heres a screenshot to show you guys what it's like.

Colour Collision

Colour Collision

2008-03-20 06:55:34 by ChrisJeffGames

I can reveal, i have made a new game. I won't be posting it yet as im trying to get a sponsor for it. But in the meantime ill give you an insight to it.

'It's a keepy up type game, Use your mouse to hit the balls up in the air. Keep as many balls going as you can to get the score multiplier. You can only hit a ball that's colour is the same as the mouse. Use the number pad to change colour of the mouse to hit all the balls. Get as many points as you can!'

I'll post an in game screenshot later.

Games in the making!

2007-08-07 09:57:31 by ChrisJeffGames

I can reveal 2 brand new games are in the making and should be made soon!